We recommend this programme for long periods of stress or after a period of stress when your skin feels dull and lifeless. If you’re looking or feeling tired and sluggish, this one’s for you.

To take care of your skin. Stimulate collagen and elastin with our technologies and treatments along with a rich diet and antioxidants. The goal is to oxygenate your cells and improve their quality.

Photobiomodulation is the perfect method to reduce wrinkles and fine or expression lines. It also stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and oxygen for the rejuvenating effect as well as firming the skin of the body to help stretch marks. For the Aging Well program we combine Photobiomodulation with Cryotherapy. With cryotherapy, the skin goes into a state of alarm due to the cold and activates collagen as a defence mechanism.

1 or 2 days programmes.

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At the Wellness Centre, we see growing old as a privilege and it’s one we like to celebrate whenever we can. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our Ageing Well experience, a spa retreat designed to revitalise your skin from the inside out. The experience includes a Signature Hammam experience, a detoxifying treatment to cleanse toxins from the body. Guests will also enjoy a 90 minute Bioline massage, a 90-minute Biologique Recherche facial with collagen, and a Miriam Quevedo hair anti-aging treatment. Spend the rest of the day relaxing in our Thermal Water Pavilion, with nutritious meals included, before enjoying a relaxing night at five-star Hotel Camiral.

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Join hands with centuries of culture for this time-honoured experience in which the natural healing ability of essential oils, salt and mud is taken to another level within the warm, humid cocoon of the hammam. This natural alchemy reaches sensuous-ly into every vein, cell and nerve ending of your body, leaving you physically and emotionally revitalised. The journey starts with a cleansing and purifying full-body BLACK SOAP with KESSA Glove Help to stimulate the circulation and lymphatic system and harmonise your energy flow. As your body gradually relaxes into the warm humidity, you are treated to a blissful full-body massage using the softest mud packed with mineral content to draw out toxins and deeply nourish the skin. A final dousing in soft water rounds off this immersive experience, sending you out into the world feeling grounded, relaxed and rebalanced.

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Body Concept Bioline

A 90-minute treatment aimed at flaccidity and body skin aging. The Bioline range is designed to make you look and feel good, a key pillar of our anti-ageing experience. The 90-minute Bioline massage focusses on three key areas; water retention and cellulite, localised fat deposits and skin slackening to soften your skin and rebalance your mind.

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Biologique Recherche Treatment

Aiming to reduce fine lines and encourage the revival of the skin’s elasticity, this treatment combines lactic acid with burdock and vitamin PP to stimulate the cells to work to their full potential and revitalise the epidermis. A 90-minute facial will leave your skin feeling purified, but perhaps most importantly of all, you’ll feel a deep sense of relaxation that transcends way beyond the 90 minutes.

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Two-Day Programme


The programme includes:

  • Signature Hammam experience
  • A 60-minute massage of your choice
  • Intravenous Vitamin Infusion
  • Four high-tech therapy sessions
  • Access to Thermal Pavilion water area
  • A light lunch and refreshments
  • Overnight stay at 5* Camiral Hotel
Day Programme


The programme includes:

  • Signature Hammam experience
  • Your choice of two high-tech therapies
  • Your choice of a specialised facial or private yoga session
  • Intravenous vitamin infusion
  • Access to all areas of the Wellness Centre
  • Light lunch & wellness refreshments


The concept of antiaging has been used and spread for many decades by the beauty industry, making people believe that becoming older is something undesirable. But nowadays, there is a new and constructive approach to growing older called ageing well. This is a positive take on the changes that our bodies go through as we age, which focuses on embracing them instead of trying to reverse an inevitable process.

Growing older is something all humans go through, so why focus on overturning it instead of celebrating it? At Camiral Golf & Wellness, we believe that ageing well is all about adopting healthy habits and nourishing yourself, treating your body exactly how it deserves to be treated. That is why we offer a complete Aging Well programme that addresses the progression of age through high-tech techniques and wellness treatments. Find all its benefits!


Your body will feel brand new with our Ageing Well package, which includes our signature hammam purifying full body massage with essential oils, salt, and mud, as well as an intravenous vitamin infusion, a therapy with many benefits for your immune system that will instantly make you feel better. The programme also includes full access to all the areas of our modern and luxurious Wellness Centre, light lunch and healthy refreshments.

Choose a day programme or enjoy an overnight stay at the 5* Camiral Hotel with our 2-day package. It comes with an hour-long massage of your choice, as well as the option to book up to FOUR of our technology-led treatments, targeting skin and cellular regeneration. Complete your stay with a relaxing experience in our thermal water area.


Discover how to age well with the holistic approach at the Wellness Centre in Girona, a place to experience pure relaxation in the middle of nature. Our Golf & Wellness resort and Hotel Camiral are a haven of peace in an idyllic Mediterranean setting, only an hour away from Barcelona.

Do not miss this chance to disconnect and enjoy all the treatments and therapies included in our Ageing Well programme, a healthy treat for your body and soul.

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