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For a slightly less stern challenge, turn to the equally beautiful but kinder Tour Course. Dominated by pine trees and lakes, the course is shorter and a little less difficult to play than the Stadium Course, yet the Ángel Gallardo and Neil Coles design ensures that it remains a challenge for every level of player.

Most of the holes at The Tour Course feature wide fairways and strategically placed bunkers, which can be forgiving of a less than perfect shot. Another feature sure to focus the mind is that it seems you are never far from a water hazard.

There is no question that the Tour Course is a worthy challenge. The prestige of this remarkable Golf course was born through its status as co-host of the European Tour Qualifying School Final Stage since 2008.

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Hole 1
Par 4 / 341 meters
Hole 2
Par 3 / 180 meters
Hole 3
Par 4 / 333 meters
Hole 4
Par 4 / 420 meters
Hole 5
Par 5 / 466 meters
Hole 6
Par 4 / 311 meters
Hole 7
Par 5 / 509 meters
Hole 8
Par 3 / 168 meters
Hole 9
Par 4 / 327 meters
Hole 10
Par 4 / 450 meters
Hole 11
Par 3 / 172 meters
Hole 12
Par 4 / 337 meters
Hole 13
Par 4 / 367 meters
Hole 14
Par 3 / 185 meters
Hole 15
Par 5 / 459 meters
Hole 16
Par 3 / 129 meters
Hole 17
Par 4 / 371 meters
Hole 18
Par 5 / 475 meters
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Hole 18 Hole 2
Hole 1 Par 4 / 341 meters

A generous driving hole but awkward approach to judge as the green sits well above you. If the flag is cut on the left, it is best to aim for the safety of the center of the green as the ground falls sharply away off that side.

Par 4
Black 341
White 341
Yellow 321
Blue 298
Red 260
HCP 14
Hole 2 Par 3 / 180 meters

A precise mid-iron hole, where most of the trouble is at the front of the green. Because it is framed by tall trees, you may not feel or see the wind. Look to the clouds for any help of strength and direction.

Par 3
Black 180
White 150
Yellow 136
Blue 114
Red 106
HCP 18
Hole 3 Par 4 / 333 meters

The first real test of your nerve and golfing skill. Favor the left side for the drive as bunkers lurk down the right. As the green sits at an angle over the water, remember to take more club the further on the right the flag is cut.

Par 4
Black 333
White 317
Yellow 295
Blue 277
Red 246
Hole 4 Par 4 / 420 meters

If you can get a big drive away so that it reaches the top of the hill near the lone tree in the fairway, the hole becomes so much easier. Although there is no sand on the front left, beware of the grass bunker which is tricky to chip from.

Par 4
Black 420
White 420
Yellow 395
Blue 371
Red 345
Hole 5 Par 5 / 466 meters

Give your drive a rip down the hill, as this par-5 is reachable in two despite the awkward cross bunkers. But once over them don’t think your work is done, as this green is by far the most sloping on the course. Good luck!

Par 5
Black 466
White 466
Yellow 448
Blue 434
Red 395
HCP 16
Hole 6 Par 4 / 311 meters

Although the bunkers that eat into the fairway look dangerous, they are easy to clear. Be more careful with the quartet of traps by the green. If the flag is on the front level, avoid going onto the top tier as your putt will be a nightmare.oom.

Par 4
Black 311
White 311
Yellow 284
Blue 256
Red 236
HCP 12
Hole 7 Par 5 / 509 meters

A strategic par-5 which offers two routes. The safe and conventional way is to follow the dog-leg, but another possibility is to fire over the copse of trees on the right and cut the corner off. Only recommended for big hitters though!

Par 5
Black 509
White 509
Yellow 440
Blue 408
Red 371
Hole 8 Par 3 / 168 meters

Probably the most difficult short hole on the course, where you should be pleased with a par. Even though you might be tempted to take plenty of club to clear the deep bunkers, chipping down from the back banks is still tricky.

Par 3
Black 168
White 168
Yellow 160
Blue 142
Red 116
Hole 9 Par 4 / 327 meters

It is best to aim down the left side on this inviting drive down the hill, as the hole sweeps balls to the right on landing. The approach up to the shallow but wide green needs to be bold, as all the serious trouble is short.

Par 4
Black 327
White 327
Yellow 310
Blue 294
Red 267
HCP 10
Hole 10 Par 4 / 450 meters

A big drive on this semi-blind hole should roll down the massive downslope and gain an extra 30 meters, from where the green is easily in range. Choose your club carefully as the green is well above the level of the fairway.

Par 4
Black 450
White 450
Yellow 429
Blue 413
Red 394
Hole 11 Par 3 / 172 meters

An attractive short hole surrounded with deep bunkers. It looks more dangerous from the tee than reality as the ring of front bunkers is actually well short of the green. Don’t let them fool you into hitting the wrong club.


Par 3
Black 172
White 152
Yellow 134
Blue 112
Red 99
Hole 12 Par 4 / 337 meters

A hole to be cautious with since the threat of clearing the water can make some hit their drives too far into the bunkers across the dog-leg. The perfect shape would be a left-to-right shot to follow the line of the fairway.

Par 4
Black 337
White 313
Yellow 297
Blue 278
Red 272
HCP 11
Hole 13 Par 4 / 367 meters

The best line from the tree is a few meters inside the bunkers right so you can’t be blocked out from the green by trees on the left. Even though there are two bunkers waiting for your approach, the left side is the safest line.

Par 4
Black 367
White 367
Yellow 347
Blue 326
Red 307
Hole 14 Par 3 / 185 meters

An unusual short hole because there are no sand bunkers just four grassy hollows that can snag any ball hit short. Because they are awkward to chip close from, be sure to take plenty of club and rely on your putting game.

Par 3
Black 185
White 138
Yellow 120
Blue 108
Red 96
HCP 13
Hole 15 Par 5 / 459 meters

Danger every step of the way, but that doesn’t mean you should be afraid of this par-5. If you play it sensibly as a genuine three shot hole by laying up short of the ditch and pitching on, a par should not be a problem.

Par 5
Black 459
White 459
Yellow 445
Blue 415
Red 395
Hole 16 Par 3 / 129 meters

A definite birdie hole to start the home stretch. Although you can’t see how big the green is from the tee because the three bunkers catch your eye, it is very generous and not difficult to hit even with a mid-iron from the back tee.

Par 3
Black 129
White 129
Yellow 109
Blue 101
Red 93
HCP 17
Hole 17 Par 4 / 371 meters

The tree in the middle of the fairway might look intimidating but it is not a problem to clear. In fact, it is a good line to take from the tee. Trust the distances, because the two bunkers short can play tricks with your eyes again.

Par 4
Black 371
White 371
Yellow 355
Blue 326
Red 306
Hole 18 Par 5 / 475 meters

A cracking finishing hole where the fairway ripples between sand and up to a well-guarded green. If you can’t reach in two, take time to work out where you want to go, as two fairway bunkers are cleverly placed to catch you out.

Par 5
Black 475
White 475
Yellow 451
Blue 407
Red 377
HCP 15



Tour Course provides players daunted by the level and precision required by the Stadium Course with the opportunity to demonstrate their talents on a par 72 course set among lakes and pine trees.

The Tour Course, somewhat shorter and more forgiving than the Stadium Course, is another Ángel Gallardo and Neil Coles creation designed to challenge players of all levels. Most holes on this course have wide fairways and bunkers placed strategically around the greens, where less-than-perfect shots are not necessarily heavily penalized.

Risk-taking players are rewarded here, especially on the par-5 holes. To gain full enjoyment, this unique course encourages players to use all their skills and their complete range of clubs. The challenges are born out by its status as the resident course for the PGA European Tour Qualifying School.

european tour destination
Gold Flag Award 59Club
Best golf resort in Spain
Golf in Costa Brava


For those looking for a Golf Course Resort experience in beautiful surroundings that challenge their skills, the Tour Course has everything you want in a player friendly package. The Tour Course, together with its brother Golf Stadium Course, are dominated by pine trees and Mediterranean forests as they weave their ways between the impressive lakes. Here you will be surrounded by natural beauty as you progress around two of the best golf courses in Europe.

Designed by Ángel Gallardo and Neil Coles, golf here offers a challenge for every level of player. Never far from a water hazard, the gameplay here is sublime, something unique and very different from your normal experience, and is one of the ultimate golfing destinations for your trip.

Having been co-host of the European Tour Qualifying School final stage, this is a chance to play on the Tour Course that has hosted your favorite professionals, challenging yourself in such beautiful surroundings.

Take on the Tour Course and experience the best of Spanish golf, with amazing gameplay and a sculpted, unforgettable environment that provides year-round beauty.
Take in the sumptuous surroundings and improve your game, it is a must-try golfing experience for everyone, and certainly an unforgettable round for any player.

Enjoy the best Spain has to offer with the unforgettable PGA Tour Course!

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  • Golfers are expected to play within the spirit of the game and with consideration towards the safety and enjoyment of others – both on the golf courses, and in the surrounding properties.
  •  All players must present official handicap certificate. The maximum handicap requirements are: ladies: 36 | gentlemen: 28
  • Flights are made up as 4-balls and therefore players booking less than a 4-ball must expect to be paired up with another group, whenever possible with players of similar handicap.
  • Men will play from the yellow tees and the ladies from the red tees. players with handicap of 5 or less may play from the championship tees with permission of the starter. other tees may be used but only by prior arrangement with the management.
  • To ensure that all golfers enjoy their golf experience at Camiral Golf & Wellness courses, please respect the pace of play. The maximum time permitted to play 18 holes is 4.30 minutes.
  • Appropriate golf attire is required. Denim/sleeveless shirts and trainers/sandals are not allowed at the course. The club reserve the right to refuse access to the clubhouse / course to anyone dressed inappropriately.
  • All players using golf carts must follow the rules of cart usage. They must at all times read and obey the signs.
  • Players not complying with these rules will be asked to leave the golf club.
  • The club declines any responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.


  • Not Acceptable: No bathing trunks or similar, with string; no shirts without sleeves and collar, no t-shirts or football shirts, no jeans or combat trousers, no trainers, sandals or any kind of shoes not for golfing.
  • Acceptable: Shirts must have a collar or polo neck, shirts must be tucked into trousers, tailored trousers or shorts, and socks are obligatory.


  • Etiquette – Golfers are expected to Play within the spirit of the game, and with consideration towards the safety and enjoyment of others - on our golf courses, and in the surrounding properties.
  • Pace of Play – 2 hours and 15 minutes is the maximum permitted time for completion of each 9 Holes.
  • Golf Cart Usage – Carts must never drive beyond the markers in the fairways unless specifically permitted.
  • Players with a handicap of 5 or less may play from the Championship tees with the permission of the Starter.
  • All instructions and requests from Starter and Marchall must be adhered to.
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