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This spectacular and imposing course has been consistently ranked among the best ten golf courses in Europe since it was opened in 1999 and was voted #4 in continental Europe and #1 in Spain in 2019. As the venue for numerous PGA European Tour events, it is also routinely singled out for praise from the professional playing fraternity.

Be warned, however, the beauty of the the Stadium Course can distract from the many dangers waiting to do serious damage to your scorecard. It makes no concessions with its trees pressing onto fairways, strategically placed bunkers and lakes that come into play on no fewer than seven of the toughest holes.

This is a quality that keeps players returning time and again to test themselves at the Camiral Golf & Wellness Stadium Course, the Number 1 Golf Course in Spain. It is rare to find so many memorable holes on one course and despite the many ups and downs, tees are elevated and very few fairways are uphill. The stunning dogleg of hole 6 is one of them and it demands nothing less than a driver and total commitment.


Golfers not only anticipate a spectacular golf course but also are in need of something challenging that will put their best abilities to the test. That is just a tip of what is offered by the PGA Catalunya Stadium Course, designated Best Golf Course in Spain and TOP 3 in Continental Europe. This golfing masterpiece has been in play for about two decades now and still continues to be a top choice for golf lovers from all over the world.


The Stadium Golf Course has such a spectacular and imposing beauty that it may distract you for a tough play ahead. It is picked to host the Spanish Open for many reasons. The first one being its endowment with some of the toughest and most challenging holes in Europe.

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Hole 1
Par 4 / 398 meters
Hole 2
Par 4 / 350 meters
Hole 3
Par 5 / 512 meters
Hole 4
Par 4 / 376 meters
Hole 5
Par 3 / 190 meters
Hole 6
Par 4 / 370 meters
Hole 7
Par 5 / 535 meters
Hole 8
Par 3 / 169 meters
Hole 9
Par 4 / 437 meters
Hole 10
Par 4 / 399 meters
Hole 11
Par 3 / 172 meters
Hole 12
Par 5 / 482 meters
Hole 13
Par 4 / 385 meters
Hole 14
Par 4 / 413 meters
Hole 15
Par 5 / 450 meters
Hole 16
Par 3 / 183 meters
Hole 17
Par 4 / 444 meters
Hole 18
Par 4 / 419 meters
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Hole 18 Hole 2
Hole 1 Par 4 / 398 meters

Favour the right half of the fairway to open up the hole. A 3-wood might be the club, as the water on the left is only 234 metres away from the yellow tees.

Par 4
Black 398
White 398
Yellow 361
Blue 321
Red 296
Hole 2 Par 4 / 350 meters

Beware, the further you drive, the narrower the fairway becomes. Make sure you have enough club into the green - a severe slope pulls anything short back into the dell.

Par 4
Black 350
White 350
Yellow 324
Blue 311
Red 260
Hole 3 Par 5 / 512 meters

Reachable in two by the longest hitters, but dangerous for all since the green is set hard against a lake. Usually best to aim for the middle of the green, wherever the flag is.

Par 5
Black 512
White 489
Yellow 457
Blue 432
Red 387
HCP 13
Hole 4 Par 4 / 376 meters

Blasting away with a driver is not wise since the shot is blind and water lurks on the left. A shot onto the flatter part of the hill is perfect for a more controllable approach.

Par 4
Black 376
White 376
Yellow 359
Blue 342
Red 324
Hole 5 Par 3 / 190 meters

No real safe place to be apart from the green. If the flag is on the left, aim for the middle of the green and the slopes should take the ball towards your target.

Par 3
Black 190
White 190
Yellow 174
Blue 162
Red 145
Hole 6 Par 4 / 370 meters

The only real uphill drive. Aim for the big tree through the fairway, but be sure to work out your distance first, as the hole swings left and you can run out of room.

Par 4
Black 370
White 370
Yellow 312
Blue 281
Red 245
HCP 11
Hole 7 Par 5 / 535 meters

Time to open your shoulders? Two big hits might see you home, but if you can’t reach, it is best to play short of the traps close to the green.

Par 5
Black 535
White 496
Yellow 476
Blue 450
Red 416
HCP 17
Hole 8 Par 3 / 169 meters

Beware of going long as everything falls away around the back and right. But if the flag is on the top shelf you can attack the pin as there is plenty of landing room above the rise.

Par 3
Black 169
White 169
Yellow 136
Blue 120
Red 100
HCP 15
Hole 9 Par 4 / 437 meters

Tough, uncompromising, and the longest par-4 on the course. A severely sloping green will tax your putting touch too. Best to be front left and so putting uphill most of the time.

Par 4
Black 437
White 437
Yellow 392
Blue 374
Red 337
Hole 10 Par 4 / 399 meters

Newly re-routed as of February 2021, the hole has been transformed into a right-to-left dogleg, at 347m for the men and 263m for the women.

Par 4
Black 399
White 368
Yellow 347
Blue 317
Red 263
HCP 12
Hole 11 Par 3 / 172 meters

Teasing but not as difficult as it might seem. It falls 13 metres so it plays at least one club shorter than normal. The green may look small but you have at least 25 metres between the bunker and the water at the back.

Par 3
Black 172
White 172
Yellow 150
Blue 130
Red 109
HCP 16
Hole 12 Par 5 / 482 meters

The safest line is towards the row of five trees on the left of the fairway. If you don’t have enough distance, beware of the traps inf front the green, playing shorter might prove more profitable in the end.

Par 5
Black 482
White 482
Yellow 472
Blue 462
Red 400
HCP 14
Hole 13 Par 4 / 385 meters

The signature hole presents a fairly open tee shot so tee it high and let it fly. The challenge is yet to come as the green is very wide but not so deep. Keep your approach left if the flag is placed on the right side since the green falls away sharply towards the lake.

Par 4
Black 385
White 363
Yellow 350
Blue 328
Red 315
Hole 14 Par 4 / 413 meters

Longer hitters can carry the bunker on the right and the ball should feed down to the middle of the fairway, leaving a short iron in. Aim to be short left of any flag position to leave yourself an uphill putt.

Par 4
Black 413
White 405
Yellow 381
Blue 353
Red 304
Hole 15 Par 5 / 450 meters

The sensible line is to aim to finish short of the first bunker through the fairway, since only the biggest hitters can clear the corner. It is uphill all the way for the second so add at least one club.

Par 5
Black 450
White 450
Yellow 445
Blue 401
Red 364
HCP 18
Hole 16 Par 3 / 183 meters

There are no prizes for being short or right as the green and slopes sweep the ball away, but try to be under any hole to avoid a tough downhill putt as the green tilts from back to front sharply.

Par 3
Black 183
White 183
Yellow 160
Blue 136
Red 112
HCP 10
Hole 17 Par 4 / 444 meters

The sensible strategy is to aim to land your drive short and right of the fairway bunkers, since going left is bad news. Let the big slope help you move the ball into a back left flag position.

Par 4
Black 444
White 421
Yellow 364
Blue 352
Red 293
Hole 18 Par 4 / 419 meters

There is more room right than left, and if you are to miss the green, short right is not a bad place to be as an up and down from the sand is not that difficult.

Par 4
Black 419
White 411
Yellow 382
Blue 360
Red 329



As it happened, Camiral Golf & Wellness’s future was to take a different path: one that would ultimately create one of Europe’s finest golfing estates and host venue of the Spanish Open golf tournament and Qualifying School Final Stage events.

With the help of European Tour golf legend Neil Coles MBE, the Stadium Course – originally called the Green Course – took shape. Designed with The Ryder Cup in mind, its spacious holes and banking meant there would be perfect viewing for more than 30,000 spectators.

The acquisition of Camiral Golf & Wellness by Irish entrepreneur Denis O’Brien in 2008, the successful proprietor of the acclaimed Quinta do Lago, Portugal, injected a new lease of life and significant investment into this fine estate, culminating in a distinct, upmarket property development of considerable style and elegance. Originally designed for high-level competitions, the course underwent significant upgrades to lengthen the 7,333yds, par 72 course and toughen some of its iconic holes, including the lakeside 3rd green, expansive par-3 11th and the 18th fairway.

These changes come as part of a three-year partnership with The European Tour, which sees the Qualifying School Final Stage return to the 36-hole resort until at least 2014. Camiral Golf & Wellness is the eighth European Tour Destination to join The European Tour’s portfolio of world-class venues. This distinction provides the stamp of tournament quality, and guarantees a level of on- and off-course facilities to provide a memorable golfing experience for all members and visitors.

European Tour destination
Gold Flag Award 59Club
Best golf resort in Spain
Golf in Costa Brava


  • Golfers are expected to play within the spirit of the game and with consideration towards the safety and enjoyment of others – both on the golf courses, and in the surrounding properties.
  • All players must present official handicap certificate. The maximum handicap requirements are: ladies: 36 | gentlemen: 28
  • Flights are made up as 4-balls and therefore players booking less than a 4-ball must expect to be paired up with another group, whenever possible with players of similar handicap.
  • Men will play from the yellow tees and the ladies from the red tees. players with handicap of 5 or less may play from the championship tees with permission of the starter. other tees may be used but only by prior arrangement with the management.
  • To ensure that all golfers enjoy their golf experience at Camiral Golf & Wellness courses, please respect the pace of play. The maximum time permitted to play 18 holes is 4.30 minutes.
  • Appropriate golf attire is required. Denim/sleeveless shirts and trainers/sandals are not allowed at the course. The club reserves the right to refuse access to the clubhouse / course to anyone dressed inappropriately.
  • All players using golf carts must follow the rules of cart usage. They must at all times read and obey the signs.
  • Players not complying with these rules will be asked to leave the golf club.
  • The club declines any responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.


  • Not Acceptable: No bathing trunks or similar, with string; no shirts without sleeves and collar, no t-shirts or football shirts, no jeans or combat trousers, no trainers, sandals or any kind of shoes not for golfing.
  • Acceptable: Shirts must have a collar or polo neck, shirts must be tucked into trousers, tailored trousers or shorts, and socks are obligatory.


  • Etiquette – Golfers are expected to Play within the spirit of the game, and with consideration towards the safety and enjoyment of others - on our golf courses, and in the surrounding properties.
  • Pace of Play – 2 hours and 15 minutes is the maximum permitted time for completion of each 9 Holes.
  • Golf Cart Usage – Carts must never drive beyond the markers in the fairways unless specifically permitted.
  • Players with a handicap of 5 or less may play from the Championship tees with the permission of the Starter.
  • All instructions and requests from Starter and Marchall must be adhered to.
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