The Well-Villa

The Well-Villa

Investing in a new property can also be an investment in your wellbeing

The Well-Villa is a property that takes Camiral Golf & Wellness’s commitment to promoting wellness to the next level. A genuinely ground-breaking project that delivers a home with wellness designed into everything from its foundations to its paint finishes.

The inspiration was to use innovative design and technology to design a home that would enrich the physical and mental wellbeing of its occupants, connecting them to the beauty of the natural setting that surrounds it. At the leading edge of human centric design, The Villa is a biophilic space where every element has been carefully considered to enhance wellbeing holistically. Working with world-renowned architects Fran Silvestre and applying Espacious Evalore SLP’s WELL system, Camiral Golf & Wellness has created a housing concept that promotes human wellbeing through seven specific areas (air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind). Every design choice in each area has been made to support wellbeing in this groundbreaking design.

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Every design choice is focused on wellbeing

The architects and designers who worked on this project looked at 7 key areas of a building that impact human wellbeing so that all their choices would boost the wellness of the inhabitants of the finished villa.

  • Air
  • Water
  • Nourishment
  • Light
  • Fitness
  • Comfort
  • Mind
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The air we breathe impacts our cardiovascular, endocrine, immune and nervous systems. The Villa’s state of the art ventilation prevents the entry of unwanted airborne particles including pollen and pollution and sanitizes air using ultraviolet germicidal irradiation and photocatalytic oxidation to deliver the best possible indoor air quality.


The home features a built-in reverse osmosis filter that uses three-stage filtration to ensure your drinking water is free from odours or flavours and has very low mineralization. A water softener at the property reduces the concentration of mineral compounds such as magnesium and calcium salts making cleaning easier and leaving you with softer hair and skin.


Making nutritious meals from fresh unprocessed ingredients is essential for wellbeing. We have created a well-equipped kitchen at the heart of this home that will inspire you to cook and share meals, you might even use ingredients from our kitchen garden or honey from our hives.


The Villa’s large windows are optimised for light transmission and the open-plan layout maximises the use of natural light. The artificial lighting is also designed to support wellbeing, featuring high colour rendering index lighting, a circadian lighting alarm clock and movement activated low-intensity night lights.


The Well-Villa includes its own pool and exercise spaces. As residents, you will have easy access to all the activities the resort offers and full membership to The Resident’s Club which offers its own fitness area, spa and pool as well as favourable rates for many additional activities.


The Well-Villa makes it easy for you to control all the environmental parameters of your home including temperature and humidity from a real-time display panel. It has been designed to maintain a comfortable constant temperature and minimise unwanted noise.


The Well-Villa’s architectural aesthetic blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a series of relaxing spaces that promote a peaceful mind. It’s been carefully positioned to avoid natural radiation, underground water currents and the meeting points of magnetic lines.

Partnering with specialists in wellness building and design

The Well-Villa has been designed by the architect Fran Silvestre who emphasises the use of innovation, using new materials and technologies to improve people’s lives.

Espacious Evalore SLP’s WELL system has been applied to an individual villa for the first time. Evalore’s mission is to design, build and adapt spaces to improve health, wellbeing and vital energy, with minimal impact on the planet.

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