More people than ever are discovering golf is more than just a game – it’s a healthy way of life with mental, physical and social wellbeing benefits

In the wake of the pandemic, more people than ever played golf, rediscovered golf or tried golf for the first time.

Demand for golf globally was higher than at any time in nearly two decades, when Tiger Woods’ fame fuelled worldwide attention.

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Rather than the roar of the crowds, it’s the peace and natural beauty of golf courses’ green spaces that is appealing to the city-dwelling masses, as well as the opportunity to exercise in fresh air and spend time with friends, family and loved ones.

And with more home-working, the opportunity to live within a golf resort community is more appealing than ever.

In this feature, we’ll look at how – in the new post-pandemic era – golf could be the wellness solution for a healthy and happy lifestyle and examine:

• Emotional wellbeing - nature’s tonic for stress relief

• Physical wellbeing - exercise and clean air

• Social wellbeing - connecting with family and friends

And we’ll see how Camiral Golf & Wellness is leading the world with its approach to golf and wellbeing.

Research shows that spending at least 120 minutes a week in nature is associated with good health and wellbeing

Source: nature.com



Close your eyes and imagine yourself outdoors in nature.

You are reclining on a beautiful area of grass, sitting by the still water of a lake, sunlight occasionally flickering through the shade of trees.

Feeling relaxed? There’s a reason.The science of environmental psychology studies the calming effects of nature, how it slows down our stress response and induces a feeling of calm.There are two ways this happens.

Seeing still water or light filtering through the tree canopy captures our involuntary attention, making us stop, reflect and consider the wonder of nature. This, scientists say, is a form of psychological restoration, or restorative health.

But it can also be an emotional response. Seeing and experiencing nature, triggers what’s called our parasympathetic nervous system; effectively a biologic brake that slows down the body and enables it to ‘rest and digest’, inducing calm.
So spending time on a golf course that is set within nature can have a positive impact on our wellbeing.

In fact, researchers say spending at least 120 minutes a week in nature is associated with good health and wellbeing. 

At Camiral Golf & Wellness, you can find many of the features that help us relax on a golf course:

Water: Green spaces with water heighten our curiosity and fascination, especially when there are patterns of light and movement on the water's surface.

Biodiversity: A richer natural environment has an important impact on the restorative health experience.

Spatial variety: Land forms, undulation and the way the terrain changes stimulate our fascination and curiosity, including the shaping of holes and fairways.

Light patterns: The way light filters through trees and is cast across the ground triggers physiological and mental processes.

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“Golf can create a great diversity of habitats and therefore act as host for an incredible diversity of species.”

Oriol Dalmau, Biologist, Camiral Golf & Wellness



Golf isn’t just good for the mind – it’s good for the body, too.

In fact, golf is far better for you than anyone had previously imagined. Walking around an 18-hole golf course – typically 6.5-8 km – equates to 13,000 steps and 2,000 calories burned; comfortably more than the recommended 10,000 average daily steps.

Research has shown golf can also help prevent and treat 40 major chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart attacks, stroke, breast and colon cancer, depression and dementia. For older people, golf helps improves strength and balance. What’s truly remarkable is that golf could also help you live longer.

A major study* of 300,000 members of the Swedish Golf Federation – men and women across different socio-economic groups – found that mortality rates were significantly reduced, equating to an increase in life expectancy of five years. In short, golf is good for your physical wellbeing.

Welcome to our Wellness Centre

Working in harmony with its golf courses, our new Wellness Centre offers an array of physical wellbeing experiences.

Wellness Centre Manager Núria Camins says: “The philosophy of the Wellness Centre reflects the resort’s overarching ethos of placing physical and emotional wellbeing at the heart of our experiences."

“It is a calm, natural space where you can disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with yourself. Natural healing is enhanced by high-tech therapies, allowing you to breathe deeply and reset your life’s balance at your own pace.”

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Working with world-leading partners, the Wellness Centre offers treatments including whole-body cryotherapy, IV infusions, hyperbaric oxygen and photo bio modulation.

Our integrative programmes do not just feel good in the moment; they are designed by experts to last far beyond your time at the Wellness Centre. Our programmes are crafted to support immunity, boost vitality, reduce the effects of stress and build your nutritional knowledge.

On the golf course, or in the Wellness Centre, we are also helping golfers gain a deeper, meaningful appreciation of physical and emotional wellbeing.

Our programmes include:

Sports Recover IV Infusion: A highly-efficient blend of vitamins and minerals are delivered through intravenous infusion to aid sports recovery.

Weight Loss + Detox: Our programme supports your metabolism to work better, through a combination of movement and nutritional adjustments.

View treatments here

*Golf & Health 2016-2020, R&A

“The philosophy of the Wellness Centre reflects the resort’s overarching ethos of placing physical and emotional wellbeing at the heart of our experiences.”

Núria Camins, Wellness Centre Manager



Recent times have taught us the true value of spending time with friends and family, and the importance of being part of our local communities.

In the past two years, many people have discovered golf – or rediscovered the game – and what it offers in terms of sharing moments with the people who matter most to us.

Golf, we have been reminded, is the most social of sports and outdoor activities.

Playing together, learning together and laughing together are all important elements of wellness – and golf has it all.

We are also rethinking the way we live – and where we live. The opportunity to work from home and to spend more time close to our families and enjoy healthy outdoor leisure as part of our daily routines is now a priority for many.

At Camiral Golf & Wellness, we are building a resort and residential community around golf and experiences that value people and their lives together.

Golf: Offering an opportunity to spend quality time together, to talk and make memories. As a sport, golf is also known to boost self-identity and self-confidence.

The Golf Hub: A new way to experience golf, together. It is a coaching, technology and entertainment experience all rolled into one, featuring Toptracer Range to allow for fun, engaging tech-driven practice.

The Golf Hub is also a centre of excellence for players wishing to use the latest swing analysis technology to fine-tune their games, and receive professional coaching and club-fitting advice.

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Outdoor pursuits: Endorphin-boosting activities for the whole family, including the Forest Park with its thrilling zip lines experience in beautiful woodland.

Real estate: Our low-density residential communities feature homes with smart design that embraces nature. Wellness is perfectly integrated into the resort’s real estate, which includes the Well-Villa (pictured), an innovative property specifically designed to enrich the wellbeing of its occupants.

For couples, for families, for multi-generational families, social wellbeing and a life together is at the heart of the experience here at Camiral Golf & Wellness.

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